Culinary Background

I guess it all began in my grandmother’s kitchen.  Between the catchy Jackson 5 tunes and the sound of ice  melting in a glass of Dr. Pepper and lime, her loving hands taught me to make pie.  Some of my fondest childhood memories revolve around food; picking blackberries for jam with mom, picking vegetable’s from Mimi’s garden with my little sister and fancy tea parties with tea sandwiches and women in funny hats.  I loved cooking from the moment i tasted that creamy chocolate pie that I co-cooked with Mimi (although she gave me full credit), but I never considered it as a career choice.  I graduated high school early and a friend suggested I try culinary school just to see if I liked it.  I figured I would give it a whirl.  The second I slipped on the chef coat and walked into that kitchen, even though I spent weeks crying as I learned to chop onions in different ways, I knew.

The smells, the sounds, the adrenaline rush….  I knew.  I was born to cook.  So I stuck with it.  I finished a 2 year program at a mediocre school with a top-notch teacher.  Regardless of what anyone says, teachers make all the difference.  Thanks to my teacher I not only discovered a love for the kitchen, but the reason for that love.  Over the years I was blessed with the opportunity to participate in culinary workshops around the world.  I have spent the past several years working and establishing my career goals.  Those small steps have become strides.  I have been featured in in culinary publications, I teach culinary arts, cater private events, travel for different culinary projects and run my own business.  While I work, I still thirst for knowledge.  The kitchen is like a country without borders and I still have so much to explore.