In a nutshell this is where I intend to list the websites and web pages that publish any information about me; including my posts, recipes, interviews, projects, etc.  Check back every once in a while to see where else you can read about me.

  • People Magazine The online edition of people’s magazine stumbled across my kitchen hack series and used one of my tips as number 8 in their summer grilling hacks article.
  • HolaesLola The online women’s magazine asked me to answer a reader’s question about whip cream, complete with video footage and everything.  I think my delivery needs work…perhaps I am not meant for the lime light!
  • Magazine Recipes I have been published multiple times in the Costa Rican Sabores Magazine.  Check out the list of recipes in their online database.
  • Tea Course Post After writing about the Tea Appreciation Course I completed in London, Pei from Teanamu posted it in his latest press section.
  • Macaroon Class I was delighted to find that Angela Malik’s School of Cooking enjoyed my post about their class.
  • Sami Workshop The lovely Sami Italian girl I met at the Salone del Gusto was kind enough to mention my post on her blog.  I will admit I had to use a translator to read it though!
  • During my visit to the Salone del Gusto 2010, I met a reporter by the name of Lorenza Fumelli who included me in her article “Facce da Salone”.
  • The greek cooking class teacher tweeted about my post. She also posted it to the class’ facebook page.
  • Underground Cooking Club makes the news The Costa Rican newspaper Diario La Republica published an article about my cooking club.
  • Costa Rica Press Release The online english newspaper, The Costa Rica Star published a press release about my school´s classes and events.
  • Pie and Cookies The Costa Rican newspaper La Nacion cited me as a consultant and interviewed me for a couple articles
  • Beer for Christmas The Costa Rican women’s magazine Perfil published a dinner menu I created with recipes using beer.
  • KCC Post The Kapi’olani Community College has a link to my article on their continuing education page.

Most recent article in Sabores Magazine

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