Projects Old & New

This is where you can find all the info about current projects or completed projects from the International Poor Chef School Project.  If you are new to my blog  or find some of my posts to be a bit confusing, this little section should clear it all up.  Stay tuned!  I will be adding more and more projects as the days and months go by.

One response to “Projects Old & New

  1. Hello,

    My name is Kelly Shipton I owe a catering company that operates in the summer months in Ontario, Canada. Were looking to hire people from Mexico, Costa Rica and other destinations. We been doing so for quite a long time now. Before we always need to get everyone an LMO but now were starting to use the international canadian exchange program. We hire dishwashers, cooks, bakers, sous chefs, pantry cooks extra. All our children’s camps eat home cooking and we do all bread and food from scratch. We feed anywhere from 150 to 400 at our locations. It has worked out well hiring from all over and we want to get in touch with more young people who would benefit from coming and working with us for a season. Do you know of any good schools whose students would like to come to Canada during the summer?

    Kind Regards,


    Kelly Shipton
    Lakeside Catering Services
    Cell (705) 783-6558
    Skype: kellyshipton

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