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Say Queso!

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As a chef, most people think I go home after a long day of work and eat high-end meals to satisfy my late night hunger pangs. However most chefs I know have a weak spot for some instant products. High … Continue reading


Just My Cup of Tea

Our Growing Edge is a monthly blogging event that gives people who learn and explore new things in the culinary spectrum a forum to share their experiences. Having moved out to open a restaurant in Abu Dhabi, the new things … Continue reading


Cooking in a Whole New Light

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I really enjoy participating in the monthly blogging event called Our Growing Edge.  I feel it gives me permission to fail.  Most times when I am approached  with a project or idea, expectations are of success on the first try.  … Continue reading


Breaking Bread with Fellow Edge Growers

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Hosting a blogging event was a nice experience.  I received an email each time a new submission was added, I took the time to read each post and was pleasantly surprised by how international this month’s edition was. As per … Continue reading


Starting from Scratch

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ItsbeenalmostamonthsincemylastpostIhavemadenoupdatesaboutthecompetition IenteredorthebloeventIamhostingthismonthorwrittenanythingformydearreaders tofollowoverthepastfewweekssoIknowanapologyisinordereventhoughIfeellikewe havebeendownthisroadbeforeIwouldstillliketosay… I’m sorry. Whew! Now that we got that out of the way, let me bring you all up to speed.  There are 3 major things we need to talk about today and they all have to … Continue reading