The I.P.C.S. Project

I believe there are few ways to relate to people or learn about other cultures, as satisfying as through food.  Some of our best memories with family and friends revolve around food.  A while back I found myself in a predicament: a culinary graduate working in a completely different professional field intent on experiencing different cuisines but lacking the financial means.  Eager to find a solution I created the International Poor Chef School Project.

The project consists of a series of missions that aim to offer culinary experience at little or no cost.  Including everything from buying unfamiliar ingredients and deciphering ways they can be used to visiting foreign countries to discover new cuisines; this project focuses on embracing a passion for food.  Every day should be reason to explore a new flavor and each meal a motive to delight in a sensorial affair.

The International Poor Chef School Project strives to be resourceful in finding low cost ways to explore the culinary field.  I am constantly seeking new participants who are willing to pass on a technique, host a traveling chef or share a useful tip.   The goal of my project is to unite culinary professionals and form an exchange system with knowledge as a currency.

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