Restaurant Reviews (Worldwide)

Trying new restaurants can be quite the adventure: pick a spot, order some grub and hope it is as good as it sounds.  Finding new places is easy with technology these days…almost everyone has heard of Yelp reviews.  The system they use though is slightly questionable if you do your research.  I love word of mouth referrals, when someone has an experience so good they need to share it with others and invite them to partake.  I am not a picky eater, but I am a choosy restaurant goer.  As a chef I know what goes into creating a restaurant experience and it is a lot of hard work if done properly.  I believe that if anyone is going to go out and spend their hard-earned money, they should be provided with just that…an experience.

Yes, the food is important.  It is the main reason I go to a restaurant.  I am hungry ergo I find a place to eat.  Did you know people are more likely to return to a restaurant with great service and bad food than flavorful dishes and awful service? Every detail is important.  If I recommend a place to anyone, it checks all the must-have boxes on my list: tasty food, nice ambiance or decor, hospitable service and affordable prices or acceptable ones based on what you get for what you pay.  Added values are knowledgeable staffs, consistency through multiple visits, exceptional culinary technique training, attention to detail, well-crafted libations and request accommodations.

I have come across some gems during my travels or living in different cities and have decided to write about a few of them over the upcoming months.   Stay tuned for new restaurant critiques or look over some of my older ones.  Feel free to leave suggestions of places to check out in the comment section below.  I will update this page each time a new review is posted.


Oahu, Hawaii

San Francisco, California

Turin, Italy

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